Traveling to New Orleans

New Orleans LA is one of the most traveled to cities in the country and for good reason.  There is something about the Big Easy that, once you experience, you have to come back to.

New Orleans History

As one of the oldest cities in the Untied States, New Orleans has a long history of decadence.  As one of the major ports in the the US, the Port of New Orleans has seen its fair share of pirates, explorers, criminals and visitors.  New Orleans has always been a location that bent the rules and seemed to attract people who enjoyed a lively lifestyle.

Initially settled by the French, New Orleans was named after The Duke of New Orleans – Philippe Charles.   New Orleans is well known for its distinct French and Spanish architecture.  The famous French Quarter, oddly enough has predominately Spanish homes and architecture since most of the French buildings were burned to the ground in the Great New Orleans fire in 1788.   Being one of the most culturally diverse cities in the US, New Orleans is well known for its music, food and of course its world famous Mardi Gras.

Places To Stay In The Big Easy

new orleans french quarterNew Orleans, like many other metropolitan areas, have numerous five star hotels to choose from.  Many people, when traveling to the city, want to stay in a luxury home in the French Quarter, but there are many other, more cost effective places that a cost saving traveler may choose to lay their head.  Lakeview New Orleans, although one of the cities oldest areas, became world famous after many pictures and videos were circulated after Hurricane Katrina.  Although Lakeview doesn’t have hotels, there are multiple homes that be be acquired as a short term rental.  If you want to get a little further away from downtown, but still have access to New Orleans culture, we have found a little jewel of a city just across the world famous Causeway Bridge.  The city of Covington is just on the Northshore of New Orleans and has many of the attributes of the city without the wild and crazy aspects.  The homes of Covington sport much of the same architecture as the homes located downtown, but you wont even need to lock your door.  With many of the signature Live Oak Trees that has made New Orleans famous, you get the “clean version” of the big easy.

Life After Katrina

hurricane katrinaHurricane Katrina changed New Orleans dramatically.  Although the devastation has been named the worst man made disaster in US history, many positive things have come out of the devastation.  Prior to the hurricane, the city of New Orleans had some of the worst schools in the country.  Since Katrina, the school systems have been totally overhauled and have seen very promising results.  The healthcare system of New Orleans was in desperate need of an overall and with the influx of federal funds, they received it.  Prior to the storm, Charity Hospital had made national news and even featured in some reality shows because of the chaos.  Since the closing of Charity, some would like to reopen the famous hospital even starting the Save Charity movement.  Since the storm, although many hospitals have not returned, the city has seen new medical options such as new Urgent Care facilities in New Orleans as well as home healthcare facilities, that have since shot up all over the city.  We have also seen the creation of University Hospital, which is a 1.1 billion dollar medical center in downtown New Orleans.

Great Place To Visit

With the immense culture, incredible food, unique people now coupled with the resurgence of the city after its devastation after Hurricane Katrina, its no wonder people love to travel to New Orleans.  Although the city gets a tremendous influx of visitors for Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest and other conventions, you can save quite a bit of money and still get the full effect of New Orleans traveling any time of the year.  Don’t be confused, there are tons of things to do in New Orleans outside of Bourbon street.  With festivals running just about year round, you will have many fun things to do in and around the city regardless of when you visit.

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