Traveling to Venice La

Traveling to Venice

Venice La is one of those little treasures that most people never think of visiting.  Venice is located at the very tip of Louisiana and is a town of approximately 200 people.  Although one of the smaller towns in Louisiana, everyone in the state has heard of Venice.

venice fishing

Located in Plaquemines Parish, Venice La is known as one of the best charter fishing destinations in the United States.  People travel from all over the Southern states and some even father to charter an offshore fishing trip and have the time of their lives.  With charter boats going out of Venice daily, traveling out to the oil rigs to catch huge tuna.


Close to New Orleans

Many people who travel to New Orleans – as part of their vacation, want to take advantage of the offshore fishing experience.  With Venice only being a short trip away – almost every offshore fishing trip is chartered out of Venice.  Because some of the the fishing excursions don’t get back to shore until late, there are a handful of fishing camps and other lodges in Venice.

Venice La fishing

Venice After Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina was a devastating event for all of Southern Louisiana.  Although the devastation of New Orleans made nationwide news, very little was said about Venice.  With the location of the small fishing town being at the Southernmost tip of the state – the entire area was decimated.  Since Katrina, the area has recovered quite well with the fishing industry leading the way.

Venice After The Oil Spill

Venice charter fishingYou would think that Hurricane Katrina was enough for the small town but it wasn’t long thereafter that Venice was once again hit with another disaster.  This one was not a natural disaster such as Katrina, but a man-made disaster.  On April 20th, 2010 The Deepwater Horizon exploded causing the BP Oil spill.  With fishing being the economic engine of Southern Louisiana, especially Venice, many feared the worse. Although all of the indirect consequences of the oil spill are still not known, the fishing has returned to Venice LA in full force.

Cooking in Venice LA


Because of the massive fishing industry out of Venice, just as you would expect, you get some of the best seafood in the world right there.  The freshest seafood, coming right off of the fishing boats – coupled with the Creole/Cajun cooking of Southern Louisiana, comes together to simply have some of the best food imaginable.

Visit Venice

With New Orleans being one of the most flown into cities in the United States, if you make your way down to the Big Easy, you really need to take a quick trip to Venice.  Make sure to book your charter before you go as many of the fisherman are booked weeks or months in advance.

Map of Venice Fishing





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