The Help Of Realtors And The Housing Market

The Housing Market And The Help Of Realtors

Home ownership was up 64.4% in the third quarter as most Americans brought homes in the summer months recently. According to the Census Bureau, the real estate market increased half a percent as compared to last year.

This is showing a positive increase, as the last few years have been bumpy. Numbers hit an all-time high at 69.1% in 2004 and in 2016 they bottomed at 62.9% as most Americans lost their homes during this time, so it’s good to see that they are finally on the rise again.

Since October the listings jumped to 25,000 listings. It was a tough thing for people to find homes in their price range, but since the prices are coming down people are buying more as the economy continues to grow. In some metropolitan areas, the real estate market shot up over 32%.

Though it is only a small amount of price difference of 2%, the average house sells for $295,000. The fastest selling homes on the market are condominiums and townhomes selling at a 7% higher rate.

Getting Ready to Buy

These are a few things to know before you buy a home as good advice. It is always best to get with a Realtor before buying to see what is out there. As a first time home buyer one should always look at the lenders in the pre-approval process.

There are many things in the underwriting process that can break a deal and hurt the consumer. Most of the time it is just a delay. This is the most asked question when the buyer is speaking with the lender, “How much is the interest?” The interest rate goes by the housing market and can fluctuate.

Some people think it’s best when buying at low-interest rates, which it is, but in most cases it’s best to go with a fixed rate and try to avoid balloon payments and other hidden costs. Balloon payments can really slap you in the face once receiving the final bill. Most people have to go out and take another loan just to pay it.

Getting Ready to Sell

Just like when you’re ready to purchase a home, one should get with a Realtor to sell a home as well. It’s always best to seek the professionals help so that you remain in the realm of legality. There are a lot of legal matters that you can save yourself a headache by hiring a local Realtor.

Let’s face it, these are awesome people that simply know what they’re doing. It is what they were trained for and specialize in. A Realtor will go through the process of setting up their clients who are interested in purchasing a home and advertising it to them right away.

Closing Escrow

Before, during, and after the closing, you should always keep in close contact with your Realtor. This will always ensure that you have taken the right steps both legally and personally. It will give you peace of mind knowing that, whether you are buying or selling a home, that all you have to do is follow the guidance of your Realtor & closing agent.

 The best part about selling or buying is that when you close a deal with the help of an experienced Realtor, you can rest easy knowing your transaction was handled properly and professionally.

Tall Tales In Real Estate

Marketing Tall Tales In Real Estate


So you gotta move. Maybe your bundle of joy wound up being three bundles of joy or your boss says it’s time to head to another locale, but the point is you gotta sell your house pronto. Now is the time to list your home and Susie the real estate agent has given you their listing presentation on all of these amazing things that they can do to sell your home that every other Realtor can’t. Everything sounds all well and good but you decide to interview John the real estate agent just to be sure, and lo and behold he has magical real estate powers too! At some point you are likely going to ask yourself what’s real and what’s fake in all of these marketing promises being made to you. If that’s you, then you’ve come to the right place!


A common fiction among real estate agent’s is to overly promise how fast they can sell your home and for how much. If a Realtor promises you they can sell your house for “X” days for over “X” dollars call their bluff. If they guarantee and 1 month sale then give them a 1 month listing agreement. If they guarantee a certain sales price then do a dollar for dollar commission reduction if they do not hit that number. In almost all instances agent’s have an educated guess as to how long a house could remain on the market and how much it should sell for but if they are “promising” something then hold them to that promise.


Another common tall tale is that one real estate broker has so much more marketing muscle than others online. First, one for sale sign in the yard is just as good as another. Also, fact is that once a home hits the MLS, aka the multiple listing service, it gets syndicated out to all other real estate websites, real estate brokerage websites, and all Realtor’s personal websites. Basically your home gets syndicated EVERYWHERE on the web and this makes up the overwhelming majority of opportunities for your home to sell.  So it doesn’t matter if you listed your home with Susie or John because your home will go on both their websites and their broker websites as well. Realistically it doesn’t matter who you list it with as long as professional photos are done with a good text description. The biggest Realtor in town has about as much control over Zillow as they do the weather.


Our final fictions involve two of the most timeless marketing strategies for real estate agents those being open houses and print marketing. If you own a smartphone or if you are reading this on a tablet, you know things have changed. Ask yourself when was the last time you were thinking about making a purchase and said “let me go pick up a newspaper or magazine” to figure out what to buy. The only time we shop for things in magazines is when we are looking at the Sky Mall magazine in an airplane at 30,000 feet because cell phones don’t work up there. Open houses have just about the same amount of effectiveness when it comes to moving property. The simple fact is people want to shop online and see it all immediately on their smart object of choice. Realtors love to do open houses to meet the neighbors and pick up a first time homebuyer but they aren’t there to sell your home.


So what agent do you hire? Considering the internet and technology play a role in over 90% of all home sales I would look for a local real estate agent that gives me a listing presentation focused on technology SPECIFICALLY social media marketing. Social media marketing is the fastest growing segment for home sales and the one place where a great agent can really shine over a poor one.

Cryptocurrency & Real Estate

Real Estate & Cryptocurrency

Buying property with cryptocurrency may be somewhat of a new concept, but it is becoming more common. It is also becoming the choice method for many sellers and buyers. But before you dive into the cryptocurrency market to buy or sell a home, there are a few important things you should know. Be sure to talk with your local Realtor to see if they work with cryptocurrency to make your home buying or selling as seamless as possible.  


Do Your Research


Cryptocurrency takes some education and research to get more familiar with it. You will want to get comfortable with the market. You want to understand all of the risks involved and how it all works exactly. You can get some great hands-on practice through Coinbase and Binance which are verified exchanges. This way you can get to know how digital money works before getting into larger investments such as the buying and selling of real estate.




Escrow is another area that you will want to get comfortable with as it can be somewhat complicated. You can either convert your cryptocurrency to cash or use crypto-to-crypto transactions. If you want to convert your crypto to cash, it is much like a regular cash transaction. It is ideal to set up the escrow with a crypto payment processor which will convert any cryptocurrency to a USD wire transfer. For a crypto-to-crypto transaction, you should work with a title company that is familiar with blockchain technology.


A New Way to Complete a Property Transaction


Blockchain technology is still quite new, but it is becoming much more widely used. It is predicted that it will eventually be used as the standard for all transactions. At this point, it does have a few challenges though. Many have the idea that it is fake money and many sellers would prefer not to deal with it but not everyone.


Cryptocurrency can be quite volatile, and that can be burdensome to the buyer. If you are using cryptocurrency in a property transaction, you should use the price of the house in fiat to set the standard. You will also need to have the right working records in the contract on how the crypto will be settled after the escrow. This will ensure that you are well protected. If the transaction seems just too good to be true, then it is most likely true. Cryptocurrencies have the potential to be hacked, and it is a good idea to get educated in the area of anti-money laundering and get to know your customer as best as you can. Just like any transaction you want to make sure that you are protected and aware of all scenarios-good and bad.


It can be harder to trace money that is no good in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It never hurts to be very cautious. Verify all parties involved and do your homework. Despite all the hurdles that can come with cryptocurrencies there are also many great benefits as well.


More and more homes are being listed with a Bitcoin price tag attached. Other sellers have asked that payment is made in both US dollars as well as in Bitcoins. This trend seems to be picking up as well and doesn’t look like it will go away anytime soon. This is a tactic that is proving to be successful, and many sellers have enjoyed big returns and are looking for ways to keep those gains in their real estate assets.


Many entrepreneurs are also incorporating digital currencies into property transactions by creating new tokens and currencies for trading, buying, and selling. They are also being created for investing.


The Many Benefits of Cryptocurrency in Buying and selling Property


The advantages of using cryptocurrencies in the buying and selling of property in the market are many. First off there is privacy when making a purchase, and it is much easier to make transactions overseas. There are liquidity and a reduced cost. There are no taxes on transferring property rights, and it is much easier to balance the security of traditional real estate with the flexibility that it offers.


A Great Way to Buy and Sell


If handled the right way cryptocurrency can be a great way to buy and sell a property. It can be more convenient, and it’s going along with the direction that the market is headed so it can be a great advantage if you get familiar with it now and hone in on your cryptocurrency skills. It never hurts to learn a new skill or two and to get the right people in your corner. Then when it hits big, you will be well prepared. Cryptocurrency makes it possible to buy a home from anywhere in the world. For more information about purchasing real estate using cryptocurrency, consult your local tech savvy real estate professional.   

Is 2018 Going to be a Good Year for Real Estate?

Is 2018 Going to be a Good Year for Real Estate?

Real Estate for 2018: Is It Shaping Up To Be another Record Year?

As we got into a politically tumultuous 2017 many people expected that real estate trends would shift downward in a significant fashion – they held off from getting into the real estate market so that they could see how things worked out. They were in for a surprise – the real estate market in the last two years has been rather stable. In fact, there has been a boost in construction which means that for the time being it is a buyer’s market. So is it a good idea to buy or sell?

Real Estate is Local

real estate trends for 2018It all depends on where you are.  If you are looking to buy it is important to analyze your situation carefully. While some cities in the United States are attracting buyers, there are others, like Boston where many young people are choosing to rent their homes because buying is simply out of the question – the real estate market is that strong. However there are others where buying a home at this time is an excellent idea – there are plenty of properties in the market which means that there are many buyers who are willing to offer favorable terms in order to offload their properties.

That doesn’t mean that you should jump straight in without considering other important factors. Location matters – you may get an excellent deal on a property, but if you want to offload your property sometime in the future then you should carefully think about whether that will be possible given the current trends – true, you can never predict what will happen in the coming years, but there are markers that can give you an indication.

Interest Rates Affect Demand

You should also think about the kind of interest rates that are available to you.  The rate you pay for your mortgage ultimately has a major affect on what is paid for housing.  You may get such a good deal on a property that you don’t stop to think about what interest rate your lender is offering you. If you don’t do your math right you may end up paying tens of thousands of dollars in mortgage payments over the years because you chose to go with a loan that had a bad interest rate. You are better off with a property that has a high price tag but affordable repayments than one which is cheap but has a high interest loan.  Although we have been in an environment of historically low interest rates, many experts expect 2018 to see a rise in mortgage interest rates.

What Do The Pros Say?

Research Your Market

While your Realtor is invaluable for the process of buying a home in the coming year, it doesn’t mean that you rely on him blindly. You need to do your homework and know what the real estate market has to offer where you want to buy, and what kinds of mortgages are available. You shouldn’t rely just on “reliable” sources of real estate information – some of them are not as reliable as they claim to be.

You should read widely and look for information in unlikely places – it is there that you often find gems. Make sure that you have a real estate lawyer in your team as well as a professional appraisal expert – they will ensure that you get the best value for your money.

Activities in Boston MA

Moving to Boston? Must Do Activities for You and Your Family

Boston MA is one of America’s oldest and most popular cities.  There is always something to do in Boston.  With the real estate booming and properties that are being sold dealing with bidding wars – finding the right property may be a little bit of a challenge.  But once you get settled you will want to take advantage of everything Boston has to offer. We wanted to provide a handful of activities that you and your family may want to do.

Activities in Boston MA


Fenway Park

Heard of the Red Sox? This is their home, and it is a must-see for anyone who is coming to Boston for the first time. Built in 1912, it has been home to many a home run, stolen bases and grounders. Make sure that you visit Pesky’s Pole, named after Red Sox player Johnny Pesky, as well as the Green Wall Monster. If you are a baseball fan go between the months of April and October.

Boston Common

The Boston Common has a long history. It started off as grazing grounds in the 1600s, but overgrazing became a problem and the area was transformed into a camp for British soldiers. After the Revolutionary war the camp was used to give addresses to the public. Today, it is reputed to be the oldest public park in the United States which hosts a variety of activities and events throughout the year. It is a great place to take your family for a picnic or a day of play and relaxation.

Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail is a two and a half mile trail that threads through the city’s historical buildings such as Faneuil Hall Marketplace, the Paul Revere House and Old North Church. Don’t be deceived by the length of the trail – it takes a whole day to make it through all the attractions. You will learn a lot about Boston’s history by taking this tour.

Boston Public Garden

This one is next to the Boston Common so you can plan to tour both sites on the same day. It was established in 1837 and it is America’s first botanical garden. There are beautiful arrangements of trees and flowers, as well as a lagoon that is navigated on a Swan Boat. It is a great place to relax after a long day exploring the city.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

When her husband died in 1898, Isabella Stewart Gardner bought a piece of land in the Fenway area and built a museum so that she could display her collection of Italian art. It was designed just like the Palazzo Barbaro in Venice and it is home to famous works of artists like Raphael and Titian. You will also see lots of photos, furniture, sculpture and rare art.

Boston Museum of Fine Arts

This one is one of the oldest art installations in the country and if you are an art enthusiast you should set aside a whole day for it because there is a lot to see. It is one of the biggest and best art collections in the world, with 53 galleries showcasing different kinds of spectacular art.

Faneuil Hall Marketplace

This one is comprised of four buildings – Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, North Market and South Market. Built in 1742 and now located on the Freedom Trail, Faneuil Hall has had a long and important history in Massachusetts politics. Samuel Adams once stood here to push for resistance against the British, and abolitionists and suffragists have stood on their soapboxes here.”  Today it is home to more than 100 stores and restaurants.

The Best Real Estate Schools Offer Additional Courses

Go to the Best Online Real Estate Schools

As someone who wants to get into selling real estate you may think that you only need to go to school so that you can get a real estate license. While this may be true it is not enough. If you want to be at the top of your field, if you want to impress clients and make as much money as you can you need to be abreast with the latest developments in the real estate field at all times and the only way to do this is to enroll in a variety of different real estate courses.

NAR Sponsored Designations

The National Association of REALTORS offers many certifications.  These are courses provided by NAR – which give a level of specialty.  Some focus on buyer representation, while others focus on investment properties or purchasing land.  They have a NAR designation for Residential Specialist as well as Commercial Investment and Property Managers.

Additional Real Estate Courses

These are courses that are designed differently from the core curriculum of the real estate course. They are meant to supplement it by providing you with knowledge that will keep you aware of what is happening out in the real world. There are many things you can learn. The changing economics, for example, affect real estate all the time. Something like Brexit, which seems to be a primarily European event, affects real estate markets because it affects exchange rates, but in order to understand how exactly it will affect real estate markets in the future you need to do more than read a few articles – you should enroll in a course that tackles the subject of how changes like these will affect how you make money in real estate and also how your clients are affected and how you can help them.

Real Estate Continuing Education

real estate classes

The best way to get this kind of real estate CE is to find up to date online real estate courses. Looking around you will find that there are many, but you have to be careful about the ones that you choose. Find courses that are delivered by the best real estate schools. The course material should be prepared by veterans in the field of real estate, individuals who have successfully had careers in real estate, but who are in touch with everything that is happening around them.

What to Look For in a Real Estate School

The courses should allow you access to your real estate instructors when you need them so that you can have any nagging questions answered. Many real estate schools offer not only live but online classes too.  They should also have chat rooms where students can meet for discussions. At the end of each course you should be able to sit for an exam and get diplomas and certificates to back up your participation – they will go a long way in helping you climb the career ladder. Lastly, compare course costs before you enroll – there are many top quality courses that are affordable.